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What’s The Smallest Space That You Can Work With?

We don’t have any limits on size of a job. All we want to do is make your space work for you.

Can You Add To An Existing Closet?

Always. We can either just add units on open walls or we can take out parts of the existing closet and make new. There are times that it is unwise to remove parts of an original installation because of the way it was first installed..

Are The Garage Cabinets Finished Inside And Out?

Yes, our garage cabinets are finished inside and out. They will have a white interior and the exterior will be the color of your choice. The material is still a 3/4″ thick Thermo-fused melamine. The same strength and quality that is used throughout our products. We do not cheapen our garage cabinets.

Do The Shelving Units Have To Have Holes For Adjustable Shelves?

No, since we are a true custom closet company we can make them with or without the shelf holes. But they are standard, so if you don’t want them, make sure to inform your designer and make sure it is stated on your design.

Are Your Products Environmentally Safe Or “Green”?

We use products that meet or exceed California state requirements. Which is above and beyond what Arizona requires. We also can get special order “Green” material just for your project.

What’s The Smallest Space That You Can Work With?

We don’t have any limits on size of a job. All we want to do is make your space work for you.

Are Mirrors And Glass Doors Available?

Yes. We offer custom sized beveled or framed mirrors. Our Glass doors can be made with clear, seedy, etched and even stained glass. The choices are huge so if you want something special be sure to ask your designer to see the samples.

Are Your Closet Systems Floor Based Or Do They Hang On The Wall?

Some companies only do it one way or the other but you always have the choice with us. We basically have to lines of closet/cabinets one is floor based with full backing and the other is wall hung with no backing and off the floor. Now remember that we can manufacture anything you want because we do make everything ourselves.

Are There Lights Built Into Your Units?

We do offer cabinet lighting. Ask your designer about the many options available. Note some applications might require the services of a licensed electrician to do any electrical work (ex: run new wires to the cabinets).

Are Your Sales People Qualified Designers Or Order Takers?

Our staff is experienced and qualified to design the perfect system for your needs. Our designers are either owners or have been working in the business for several years. We are not mere order-takers, since everything we do is custom, it will be designed just for you. We are not a kit company that picks closets/cabinets out of a catalog and has them shipped in for you. Remember we make them ourselves.

Who Makes Your Closets/Cabinets?

We do not buy our closets or cabinets from someone else. We manufacture all of the them right here at our Scottsdale showroom. If you like, you are more than welcome to come see our state of the art machinery in action. Doors, drawers, and moldings are made by several local resources who specialize in building those components for us.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Closet System?

It depends on the size and style. A small reach-in closet could take as little as an hour or two while a huge walk-in closet with all the bells and whistles could take a week. Your salesman will be able to give you a good idea of just how long your installation will take.

Are The Closet/Cabinets Made From Wood Or Laminate?

We normally use thermo-fused melamine (which is a manufactured laminate board) or we use a stain grade wood veneer for the cabinet boxes. The doors and moldings would be either be made of real wood or of melamine.

Do You Offer Any Real Wood Products?

Yes. We offer real wood doors, moldings and counter tops. You could even have your whole closet/cabinet made out of stained wood veneer instead of our normal combination of materials.

Is Cabinet Hardware Included?

Yes we have a huge selection to choose from. If you can’t find something you like, we can always look in our supplier catalogs for more options and, in most cases, there won’t be an up charge.

Are Your Drawer Boxes Made With Dove-Tail Joints?

Yes they are. Our standard dove-tail drawer boxes are made of 9-ply birch. We also offer a less expensive drawer box which made from white melamine. Did you know? We were the first closet company in Arizona to use the dove-tail drawer box as a standard.

How Many Designs Will You Provide?

We usually get it right the first time, but if needed, we will submit new designs until it’s just the way you want it.

Can You Match The Color/Style To My Existing Furniture?

Yes. If there isn’t a melamine that comes close to your color, we can always use a wood veneer that can be stained or even painted.


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